Devil's Night Eyes

In Detroit, there has been a long-standing "tradition" of Devil's Night (known as "Mischief Night", the night before Halloween, in other parts of the country) arson. By the mid-1980s, there were nearly a thousand houses set ablaze every Devil's Night. In 1995, Mayor Archer instituted the "Angel's Night" program, in which up to 50,000 community volunteers patrolled the streets of Detroit, watching for suspicious activity. The effort was a resounding success, seeing arson plunge from 800 to 1000 cases to a mere handful. Part of the Angel's Night program involved posting signs on abandoned buildings notifying would-be vandals that "This building is being watched" with a pair of eyes that have now become an iconic symbol of the rebirth of the city.
We've taken these iconic eyes and given them a Goth makeover to blend the celebration of Detroit's rising from the ashes and its thriving Goth scene.