Salvaged Wisdom


Hi, it's Nightghaunt! Welcome to Salvaged Wisdom, the official e-shop of the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard Podcast! I've carved out a secret grotto exclusively for listeners from my other online presence, Field of Echoes. You'll find a range of original Occult-oriented print-on-demand items, as well as ritual gear handmade by me. The proceeds from every sale go solely to maintaining and upgrading the podcast and will allow me to branch out into other media. Take a look around and see if anything catches your eye!

AWSY Occulture Occulture: from "occult", meaning "hidden" and "culture"...literally "Hidden Culture", it describes those who work in the esoteric arts and sciences. Magicians, witches, scholars, spiritual healers, paranormal investigators, mediums, etc. all make up modern occulture.

AWSY Swag Here, you'll find items specifically related to the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard Podcast: logos, memes, and inside jokes related to specific episodes.

AWSY De Rituales At Field of Echoes, we have enormous respect for the occult and esoteric traditions followed by people the world over. It is with reverence and respect that we create altar tools and ceremonial items for use in ritual...or simply to enhance your living space with unique works of functional art.